Ditch Traditional Insurance

Are you tired of feeling as though your firm is always at the behest of insurance companies? Yes, there are some very good insurance companies out there, and they will offer you good policies. But the reality is that you have different goals from the insurance company. They want to make money off their clients, and you are just hoping that you can get a good policy that is not going to mess up your business in some way. And if you want to achieve that in an easy and stress-free way, we recommend that you start looking at captive insurance companies as an option.

What is captive insurance? The entire concept of captive insurance is that you are not just buying insurance from an independent business anymore. You are finding insurance companies in your area that are part-owned by businesses from that area. It is a completely new way of looking at things. You may think that it is odd, but we believe that it is eventually going to start making a lot of sense to you. And you will find that you are getting huge benefits from this arrangement.

captive insurance companies

What you are going to do is buy into the company. And then you will have a part stake in the company, the same as many other businesses. That means all these businesses are working together to decide how the insurance company works. And most importantly, the insurance company is not just an independent company that is giving you policies, but a company where you have a stake and interest. The insurance company has to make money and stay afloat, but the number one priority is ensuring that all the part-owning businesses are getting great policies and customer service on those policies. And that is a huge change from typical insurance arrangements.